Wednesday, August 29, 2012

He's coming, he's coming, Isaac is here...

Isaac has finally hit Louisiana and he looks like he is staying for awhile. Our local schools have been cancelled as we anticipate the storm to move closer in our direction. Guess I'll be catching up on some readings while we wait out the storm. Over 500,000 ppl in the state are without power already and there are reports of people stranded on their roofs in Plaquemines parish. Please keep the people in our state in your prayers.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Go Away Isaac!

Today was DIBELS, DIBELS, and more DIBELS. Louisiana is watching out for Issac and we spent the day checking updates about closures for tomorrow. Most parishes have elected to close while ours has not :( Even the local universities are closing early tomorrow. Keeping our eyes and ears open for news in the am but as of now our district is opened until Wednesday. Shopping for an upcoming hurricane is no joke. People are panicking and the roads are jammed with traffic. I'm exhausted...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wild about Learning

My first week of student teaching has been great. I am at a small school that only has two sections per grade. My cooperating teacher is wonderful and she was so excited to have a student teacher again. I already feel like a part of the staff because of the warm atmosphere and the friendliness of the faculty and principal.. This is a big difference from the school I previously taught at and I can really get used to this. The theme for the year is:

I'm feeling comfortable in the class already. It's nice and cozy and the kids are great! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I can see the finish line!

Wow I know I haven't blogged in forever but I have been extremely busy and on top of that I was ill. I have been through so much in this short time. I finished off the year with my fifth graders and aced all my graduate courses. At the end of the year I learned that there was a reduction in force in my district and because I am only working on a Practitioner's license, I was the one who had to go. At the same time I was dealing with health issues (the doctors found a cyst on my left ovary that seemed to be the cause of all my problems and I was in and out of the hospital for treatment) and enrolled in summer graduate courses  It was finally decided that the best solution to my problem would involve a laparoscopic surgery to remove the cyst. The surgery is supposed to be a less invasive procedure and I was told that I could return to my normal activities after a week. My surgery was scheduled for August 7th, which was the earliest date available. When I learned how close the surgery was to the start of the school year, I began to panic. I had no doubts that I could find a job after the school year started but how was I going to pass out resumes and go on interviews while recovering from surgery. One day before my procedure I received a call from my doctor. She informed me that we could not go through with the laparoscopy and she would have to perform a laparotomy instead. My one week of recovery was suddenly changed to 6 WEEKS including overnight stays in the hospital!!!!
Following this new discovery I decided to stop searching for jobs and devote this semester to graduation. This option means that instead of doing a one year semester internship using my Practitioner's license, I will student teach for one semester and graduate in December. By the time student teaching starts I will be halfway through recovery. I will be doing more blogging this semester while I complete my journey in student teaching. I honestly cannot wait to get back into the classroom, I miss it already!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

HURRAY State testing is finally over...

I have encountered so much during my first year of teaching. Along with 12 hours of graduate school...That's right, no extra time for anything. This is the last week of grad school so hopefully I'll be able to blog more. My fifth graders have been keeping me busy and we are finally done with testing. May is a time for even more fun activities without a test looming over our heads. One more research paper, one more final, and one more parent conference until Spring 2012 semester is over....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bogged Down and ready for Mardi Gras

I know that I have not blogged in forever but things have been pretty hectic. On top of starting my first year teaching at a new school in the middle of the year, I have to balance 12 hours of graduate classes. The icing on the cake is that I've gotten sick. Actually I have been seriously ill for the past few months and I failed to realize it until reality struck one day in my classroom last week. I had noticed the weight gain and the nausea and vomiting but I was hoping to put off a hospital visit until the Mardi Gras break. I was forced to leave work early on Tuesday and was out of the classroom for the rest of the week. I returned to work today but I have to return to the hospital for a follow up visit on Wednesday. I am hoping for good news but it's really not looking like I will get it. On top of that I have an IEP Reeval that needs to be done on that same day and my clinic hours start that night in one of my graduate classes. I am trying to hold my head above water but the tide is getting really high. I am also having trouble getting some of my students to complete work in my classroom. Majority of my students come from one classroom and their teacher bad mouths me to her students (they come back and tell me this), I have also witnessed her telling her class that they are lazy and incompetent and that is why they are all failing. I have not said anything about her behavior because I obviously have way too much on my plate to be getting into this right now. I continue to hold my head up and teach on. I refuse to stoop down to her level. I am still enjoying my job and my students. There are a few challenges to overcome but I believe those things will be handled at the appropriate time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 2...Still smiling...

So yesterday was my first day and it went well. Today was even better. Although it was only my second day there I have already learned so much. There are already students that call out my name and tell me hello. My team leader is a very experienced teacher and she happens to be the current Teacher of the Year. I think that is so amazing that I get the chance to learn directly from someone like her. We have already "clicked" and we have discovered that we work well together. We were able to get a lot of work done today and tomorrow I get to start following my new schedule. I am replacing a teacher who has been promoted to Curriculum Coordinator so I have a ready made classroom. I will only be making a few changes but that is it. She is sharing ALL of her stuff with me (she has taught over 15 years so I know there are a lot of cool things that I will discover in her cache of things). We have also "clicked" and we have a similar personality and work ethic. I am truly honored to be working with my new Principal, Curriculum Coordinator, and Team Leader. They are all strong, positive women that I can look up to and learn tons from.
Tomorrow is the first day of classes for the Spring 2012 semester of grad school. I am not looking forward to those long Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Oh yeah, did I mention that I am still packing for the move....

Monday, January 9, 2012 first day

Today I took a trip back to elementary school as the new 5th grade Resource Teacher. I had a great day and I look forward to my new role. Looks like I have finally found the place for me....
I have decided to join the linky party at Oh' Boy 4th Grade. Hopefully I will get lucky and win one of those lovely pencil sharpeners. Head on over and link up!

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 = New Beginnings

So 2012 is finally here and I am so excited. I will be starting my new job on Monday and my second semester of Grad school begins on Wednesday. Bring on the sleepless nights.... I'm going to try to keep it with this blog and write more about my teaching journeys. My time as a middle school teacher was short-lived but I am thankful that I was given that opportunity. Next week marks my return to ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! That's right...I'm going back and I'm ecstatic! I finally landed a job in the district that I've been praying to get into. I am the new Special Education Resource Teacher for grades 5/6. I have thoroughly enjoyed my break but I am ready to get into some type of routine before I get too lazy. This is a year of new beginnings for me and I'm ready to make the most of it.  Did I mention I have always wanted to be a resource teacher? Back to enjoying my weekend. Apartment hunting in the morning...