Monday, February 13, 2012

Bogged Down and ready for Mardi Gras

I know that I have not blogged in forever but things have been pretty hectic. On top of starting my first year teaching at a new school in the middle of the year, I have to balance 12 hours of graduate classes. The icing on the cake is that I've gotten sick. Actually I have been seriously ill for the past few months and I failed to realize it until reality struck one day in my classroom last week. I had noticed the weight gain and the nausea and vomiting but I was hoping to put off a hospital visit until the Mardi Gras break. I was forced to leave work early on Tuesday and was out of the classroom for the rest of the week. I returned to work today but I have to return to the hospital for a follow up visit on Wednesday. I am hoping for good news but it's really not looking like I will get it. On top of that I have an IEP Reeval that needs to be done on that same day and my clinic hours start that night in one of my graduate classes. I am trying to hold my head above water but the tide is getting really high. I am also having trouble getting some of my students to complete work in my classroom. Majority of my students come from one classroom and their teacher bad mouths me to her students (they come back and tell me this), I have also witnessed her telling her class that they are lazy and incompetent and that is why they are all failing. I have not said anything about her behavior because I obviously have way too much on my plate to be getting into this right now. I continue to hold my head up and teach on. I refuse to stoop down to her level. I am still enjoying my job and my students. There are a few challenges to overcome but I believe those things will be handled at the appropriate time.

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