Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Thinking about updating my blog and making it more visible. I usually just like to come here and talk for my own benefit without feedback from a lot of people. My Facebook and Twitter are overrun with comments from hundreds of friends everyday but this blog is for me. Maybe I will increase its visibility in the near future. All it will take is a link on either my FB or Twitter page but I don't think I'm ready for that yet. This is my little safe  haven for now. I love to come here and not see 1,000+ followers. It's my yoga on the internet.
On another of my classes requires us to participate in a forum. Not only do we have to answer the professor's original questions, but we also have to respond to 5 of our classmates. Really??? 5 times? It just seems a little like overkill to me..GRRRR....

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Sense of Peace

Wow this semester is certainly keeping me busy. I have decided to halt the search for a teaching job and focus on my graduate studies for now. I am regularly substituting but I can always choose my own days off. I am taking 12 hours of graduate courses (yeah that's a lot, or so I've heard...) and I have recently started taking yoga classes. Yoga has turned out to be really relaxing and I am really enjoying it. I will be satisfied until I have comfortably mastered the pose below :)
I am very happy with the way things are going right now. I cannot remember the last time that I have felt this type of peace.
My current routine:
I'm usually subbing at the same schools, so I am well known by staff and students around the campuses that I do frequent. I am very interested in all of the classes that I am taking and I feel like I will learn a whole lot through this program. I have started yoga and have finally started working out regularly and it feels great.
Things to do:
I still have yet to find a place in my new city. I currently live 45 minutes away from where I attend school and work and I cannot wait until I can move closer and get settled.
I am looking for a topic in special education to research for one of my classes. (possibly comparing the different ways that 3-4 states are implementing RTi and recording their success or lack of success with the program)