Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rocky Roads

2010 has not been as smooth sailing as I hoped it would be. Things have gotten off to a very shaky start. January was normal and I got through the month better than I'd thought. February had lots of tricks up its sleeve and everything started to crumble. I was returning home after class one day and got into a car accident. A ladder fell off the bed of a truck on the left lane of the interstate. I tried to swerve to avoid the ladder but I still hit part of it and my car spun out of control. Luckily I was unharmed except for a burn on my arm caused by the airbag. I am thankful that I am still here though. My car was totaled and according to my insurance company, my policy did not cover a rental car. This was very bad news because I live 45 minutes away from the university that I currently attend. A few days later, my boyfriend of 3 years told me that he had feelings for another girl and he couldn't be with me anymore. In one week, my whole world came crashing down. I had counted on him being there for me throughout this situation and possibly helping me out and suddenly, he was turning his back on me. This hurt more than anything. The man that promised to marry me one day was leaving me for someone else? I desperately searched for something to turn to and I decided to turn to smoking. Even though it isn't good for my health, it certainly helped take the edge off. Nothing is ever certain in life and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. Que sera, sera.

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